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At Piruliru we are committed to using certified materials with the GOT (Global Organic Textile Standard) label. We are proud of the fact that most of our clothes use organic cotton as the main raw material. Our goal is to make this the case for the entire collection.

That is why we will continue to promote the use of organic materials: the planet needs greater awareness about the environmental reality and the importance of making good decisions as consumers.

Cotton is the crop that uses the most fertilizers and pesticides in its production. According to studies, 10% of pesticides and 25% of most consumed insecticides in the world are used to grow conventional cotton. The most serious problem as a result of this is that these toxic substances survive in each phase of the production process, and end up making contact with our skin.

What is organic cotton?

For cotton to be considered organic, it must have its origin in organic farming and its production must be certified by existing agencies. The objective of organic agriculture is to make sustainable use of local natural resources and eliminate synthetic and chemical substances in its production chain such as: pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers or genetically modified seeds.

The importance of organic cotton being certified

Certified organic cotton has the guarantees of the GOT (Global Organic Textile Standard). This is the strictest certification in biological fiber textiles. This is the strictest certification in biological fiber textiles. To achieve this certification, production must meet standards that ultimately benefit people and the planet.

Benefits of organic cotton vs. conventional cotton

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