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A responsible attitude as a consumer will help curb our environmental impact.

The decisions we make as consumers affect the future of our planet, and therefore, the future of our children. That’s why at Piruliru we respect the environment and we are fully committed to sustainability. This can be seen in our products, our processes and our work ethic.

  • We prioritise the use of ethically produced certified organic cotton and fibers
  • We only work with suppliers that guarantee the organic quality of their textiles and promote responsible consumption: from the cultivation of cotton to the implementation of environmentally friendly processes.
  • The certified origin of our raw materials conforms to the SA8000 © standard, based on the principles of the International Labor Organization, which supports the sustainable implementation of policies and processes that protect workers’ rights.

Natural and recycled materials

We choose natural fibers from certified suppliers to protect trees and fight against deforestation. Our DIY philosophy helps to promote the recycling of materials and extend the life span of objects.

Boy with custom t-shirt
Baby Girl in Rabbit Bodysuit

Organic and fair trade cotton

Certified cotton follows processes in its cultivation that make it healthier for people and for the planet. It is not genetically modified and no chemicals or fertilizers are used in its production, which makes it beneficial for skin contact.

Handmade in Mallorca

We value handcrafted products, because they reflect a responsible and thoughtful attitude towards our customers and promote responsible consumption.

Boy with custom t-shirt
Teddy bear dancer in basket

Quality and safety guarantee

We choose sustainable, durable and safe materials for children. We strive to offer exemplary customer service. We take the origin of our raw materials, the production and the conditions of our workers very seriously, so that your shopping experience and our products are of the highest quality.

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