Piruliru is a children’s clothing brand created in 2018 by Laura Boschetti, characterised by its original and personalised designs inspired by the Montessori philosophy.

The designs integrate unique sensory experiences, colour and fun, encouraging little ones to be curious, to learn and to be autonomous.

Piruliru’s work ethic is sustainable and environmentally friendly. We are committed to using natural, recycled, organic cotton and fair trade materials, to produce designs handcrafted in Mallorca, with a lot of love.



Hello! I am Laura Boschetti, founder and designer of Piruliru.

With Italian-Argentine roots, I consider myself a tireless dreamer, creative mother and practitioner of Montessori pedagogy.

Piruliru is a story of discoveries: the first experiences that reach our senses; vital changes; conscious parenting; responsible consumption, and above all, the discovery of a vocation which comes at a time when we have to fight for the kind of planet that we want to leave to our children.

Discovering the world

My work in the tourism sector allowed me to travel and explore more than 70 countries on 5 continents. I was fascinated by the diversity of cultures, landscapes, colours, smells and sounds, characteristic of each place. rom the hustle and bustle of Cairo, Mexico City and New Delhi, to the silence of the monasteries in Tibet, from the starry nights in the Namib Desert to the explosion of colours of the African savanna or the marine fauna of Patagonia.

This discovery of the world through my senses was what also made me aware of the human impact on the environment.


Discovering motherhood

When I became a mother to Chiara (6) and then to Pau (1) I discovered the Montessori pedagogy, which allowed me to have a broader view of the human being and explore the concept of conscious parenting.

This approach, which is based on the discovery of the world through the senses and facilitates learning in the first stage of human development (0-6 years) guides the creative process at Piruliru.

Discovering their future

My passion for DIY, a self-taught vocation in the area of sewing and pattern-making and my openness to other ways of educating and promoting the development of children were the seeds from which Piruliru emerged: to create an eco-friendly, sustainable children’s fashion brand which awakens curiosity and stimulates the senses of little ones while they play and have fun expressing their personality.

Estimulación de los sentidos

No more boredom when getting dressed! Our garments are inspired by the Montessori pedagogy, encourage child development through the senses and awaken curiosity while allowing kids to play, experiment and imagine … they have a blast expressing themselves freely!

Stimulation of the senses

Not only are our clothes beautiful, soft and resistant, they also promote responsible consumption. By choosing Piruliru, you choose to help the planet. Our respect and work ethic means we select our materials very carefully.

Mochila saco personalizada

By choosing Piruliru, you choose to help the planet. Our respect and work ethic means we select our materials very carefully. We swear by artisan processes, focused on reducing our ecological footprint.

Stimulation of the senses

We offer safety, durability and sustainability guarantees: raw materials with certified origin, produced in dignified conditions, and an artisanal process respectful of every last detail.

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